Prospect Wire
477 Commerce Way
Suite 115
Longwood, FL 32750
Name Position Email
Brian Werner President, Prospect Wire
Frank Gates Vice President, Logistics & Housing
Mike Easom Vice President, Logistics & Staffing
Juan Fontela National Director, Showcases & Scouting
Ernie Padron National Director, Scouting
Daniel Perez Regional Scouting Coordinator, East Coast
Dave Pankenier Regional Scouting Coordinator, West Coast
Maurizio Ortiz Assistant Director, Showcases
Stephen Martin Manager of Operations, East Coast
Bryan Burgess Manager of Operations, West Coast
Jeromie Spillman Regional Scout, West Coast
Billy Colome Regional Scout, East Coast
Zack Zaversnik Assistant, Tournament Operations
Danny Close Manager, Staffing Operations
Matt Logan Manager, Staffing Operations
Griffin George Assistant, Event Operations
Jordan Engel Assistant, Event Operations
Ceejay Round Graphic Design Specialist, Tournaments
Betsy Holl Chief Financial Officer/Accounting