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About Prospect Wire
Who We Are

Prospect Wire was founded in 2005 by Matt Bomeisl to give high school baseball players a platform to promote their talents to college coaches and MLB scouts. Starting in Florida, Prospect Wire began organizing individual showcases and team tournaments for one of the most talent-rich states in the U.S. When Prospect Wire decided to take their events to other parts of the country, they decided to bring Jeff Spelman on board. Jeff was the founder of Team One Baseball in the early 90's and the pioneer of the showcase industry. Today, Prospect Wire has expanded their events into other parts of the United States with the goal of bringing a unique experience to players, coaches and families nationwide.

What We Do

Prospect Wire runs a variety of events such as individual showcases, team tournaments, combines, parent seminars, ID Camps, and more. By running these events, PW gets the first look at a lot of prospects and has established a database of accurate, reliable reports on high school players. The database is fed through and is viewable via the internet. Prospect Wire also works with colleges, and MLB Scouts to share information on prospects, help connect players to colleges, and to follow players as they progress through the different levels of baseball.

Why We Do It

When it comes to high school baseball, and high school sports in general, quality information is scattered all over the place. It can cause worthy players to get lost in the shuffle. PW Founder Matt Bomeisl was one of those players. Still unsigned for baseball after graduating from high school, Bomeisl caught on with a sponsored travel team in 1999 and played in a tournament over the summer in front of then-Florida Gators Head Coach Andy Lopez. Bomeisl committed to Florida on the spot, and has always dreamed of turning around and helping players in a similar fashion to the way he was helped in the summer of 1999.

About Our Site

The Prospect Wire web site has gradually grown into one of the most powerful frameworks for baseball recruiting in all of amateur baseball. Prospect Wire's web site offers a legitimate tool for colleges, scouts, coaches, players, fans, families, and friends to follow players on a real-time basis. The site tracks players, events, colleges, the MLB Draft, recruiting classes, and even travel teams. The ability for trusted sources of Prospect Wire to contribute basic information in a community setting makes the only site of it's kind and one of the top web sites in all of amateur baseball.

About Our Events

PW runs a variety of showcases, tournaments, combines, camps, and more. From these events, PW generates thousands of scouting reports. PW events stay away from the traditional cattle-call, cookie-cutter style and they pay attention to details to make sure your son, or your team has the best experience possible. The PW Events aren't just your run-of-the-mill events, each event is special and treated as such.

About Our Growth

Prospect Wire events are some of the fastest growing events in amateur baseball. The 18U Florida State Finals grew from 32 teams at it's inception and nearly doubled to 58 teams the following year. The All-Florida Weekend grew from 125 players attendees, to 205 attendees, to 225 attendees in 2007, 2008, and 2009 respectively. The web site tripled it's web views from 2008 to 2009 and has already quadrupled the 2009 hits in 2010. All of these facts are evidence that more and more people are quickly realizing that Prospect Wire is offering a quality service for baseball people from all walks of life.

About the PW Rating System

Click here to learn more about the PW Player Rating System.

Players first.

Reliable reports.

Organized events.

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Talent rich.

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