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Updated: Feb 12th, 2021
Shoulder Buddy Athlete (SBA) - Informative Read For Coaches
By: |

Tampa - Coaches get tired of changing their line up due to injuries. Shoulder injuries are a common problem among throwing athletes. Some shoulder injuries can take players out for the season. Since the shoulder is vital for the throwing athlete; consider adding some simple change for your arms.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, let me simplify the complex workings of the shoulder joint to see what you are up against.

The overhead throwing motion is one of nature's true balancing acts. Dynamic and static stabilizers work together to maintain balance and stability in the shoulder joint. Similar to a scale with two sides that need balancing, dynamic stabilizers and static stabilizers work in-sync to maintain balance and stability of the shoulder joint, which is vital during both motion and rest. After hours of lessons, training, and practice, the athlete has prepared his dynamic stabilizers for optimum throwing capacity. But repeated throwing and overuse can cause wear and tear on the shoulder joint and break down the harmonious balancing of the dynamic and static stabilizers. Post-performance muscle fatigue is often the result of repeated overhead motion. Fatigue will threaten the delicate balance of the stabilizers and render the shoulder joint vulnerable to instability. This results in conditions that orthopedic physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists treat that are due to micro-trauma.

What can you do minimize micro-trauma?

Let’s take a look at what may typically happens: A pitcher walks off the mound and it can feel like his arm is dead weight. Specifically, the rotator cuff, (a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint) has become fatigued. The balance of the stabilizers is off, and the fatigued rotator cuff is no longer supporting the shoulder joint adequately. The static stabilizers such as the labrum are taxed due to the weight of the arm pulling on the shoulder joint. Therefore, the shoulder joint is left vulnerable to injury.

The remedy is not to apply ice, the remedy requires supporting the arm and shoulder. Gravity is pulling at the static stabilizers. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons need support and rest. Applying immediate post performance support will help the shoulder restore its stability and avoid micro-trauma.

After working with numerous baseball shoulders, I have realized that a healthy post-performance recovery position has a positive effect. Therefore, I have designed a product that (1) elevates and cradles the shoulder socket, (2) decompresses and supports the joint, (3) counteracts gravity, (4) allows the free flow of blood to revive the rotator cuff, and (5) protects the static stabilizers. By using this product, these baseball shoulders have experienced impressive relief and faster recovery. In the x-ray attachments below, compare the shoulder joint position with and without the product. Notice how the product visibly decompresses and unloads the joint.

Alleviating the rotator cuff fatigue, stabilizing the joint, and allowing the muscles to recover, are the keys to counteracting harmful micro-trauma. This product is for all position players on the diamond. Use of this product - post performance- will keep you in the game.

We call it shoulderbuddyathlete (SBA). It is small, portable, and easy. Use it 20-30 minutes post-performance and see the difference!

Visit our website and read our players testimonials!

Article Written by:

Dianne Cortese, DPT

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