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Private Combines
Step 1
Contact Prospect Wire via email to setup a date for your combine and discuss details of date, time, location, staff, and cost/player based on total number of players.
Step 2
A PW Scout will come to you and run your team through a private combine that will get each and every player evaluated and give them invaluable feedback.
Step 3
Each player gets his own personal profile on the Prospect Wire site with updated scouting information. Each profile is searchable by college coaches and MLB Scouts.
Prospect Wire has created and improved their Private Combine concept - now available. The Private Combine allows a team or group to work out privately for a PW Scout in the convenience of their local area or home field. This workout format gives a coach the opportunity to get his team together on the same field in a casual environment to get them evaluated and provide them with critical feedback from an unbiased PW Scout. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles away, let a PW Scout come to your team and give them a unique opportunity that they will both enjoy and benefit from.

What makes a player profile on so special? The PW Network. There is a myth going around that college coaches and MLB Scouts are scouring websites clicking on all of the players on the site, one at a time, in hopes that they will randomly find the next superstar. The truth is unless the player is on a ranking list, or a coach physically searches for the player by already knowing his name, that player and his profile may likely never be found on a website. However, Prospect Wire's 'PW Network' ties everything together and gives every player a chance of being found. How? Recruiters and scouts can search for players by any of the following methods:
  • Using the powerful PW Player Search
  • Using the PW Player Rankings
  • Using the PW Player Feed
  • Using the player's name as a hyperlink from an article or blog
  • Using the Unsigned Senior Wire
  • Using the 'teammates' tab of any player profile
  • Using the 'roster' tab of any team profile
  • Using the 'tournament' leaders tab of any event profile
  • Sending the player profile as a direct hyperlink
  • And more...
A private combine will also get your players invaluable feedback about where they stand. So many players waste their time and money attending showcases and camps in the hopes that they will be able to make an impression on their dream school. Many times, it's because the player doesn't understand where he fits in in the recruiting picture. By allowing a PW Scout to evaluate you, you will get a better feel for what type of schools that you should be targeting while saving yourself a lot of money on events in the process. Use the link on the top right hand side of the screen to start the process of booking your combine now.
Book Your Combine

Event Plan:
  • 60 Yard Dash
  • Indi. Defense
  • Batting Practice
  • Bullpens

Event Features:
  • PW Scout in Attendance
  • With or without video
  • PW Profiles for all participants
  • Complete scouting report
  • Headshot photo

Team Combines Held:
  • Rankings Update 8/2014
  • NLBB Elite 100
  • Florida Surge/PW Pro Combine
  • Florida Surge Private Combine
  • Gatorball/CBC Scout Day
  • Jax Warriors Private Combine
  • Florida Surge Private Combine
  • Florida Surge Private Combine
  • Chamberlain HS Private Combine
  • Hillsborough HS Private Combine
  • Plant City HS Private Combine
  • Miami Killian HS Private Combine