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PW Rating scale
About the PW Player Rating System

Prospect Wire has updated their player grading scale in 2021 to make it easier for parents & coaches, as well as our scouts, to rate players & understand those ratings. Prospect Wire's rating system is based on how our staff sees a player right now, rather than projecting. Only trained, professional scouts should attempt to project players. Prospect Wire's staff aims to present the information based on what they see in front of them, at that player's current skill level. Grades are based on where a player stands against other players of his age/class.

*Until a player graduates from high school, his rating is always subject to improve, or decline, based on their development.

2021 PW Rating System
5 Elite talent, top 20 draft type.
Surefire Elite D1 starter day 1.
These players are the best of the best around the country.
4 High level D1 type.
Knocking on the door of a Top 20 round draftee; most likely will be attending college first.
These would include guys who go the JuCo route for a year instead of signing right away, in order to better their draft stock the following year.
3 Lower end D1 or high end D2/D3/JuCo guy.
Skills are there in multiple areas, but lacking draftable skills right now.
These are players that have a strong chance to develop; potential transfers to bigger programs.
2 Strong D2/D3/JuCo guy; not draftable at this time.
Outside shot for a D1 Walk On role potentially at smaller schools.
Good HS athlete, but skills are not developed enough yet to be considered elite.
Senior Signs after the draft would fall in this category, along with Independant Ball guys.
1 Average HS player; has at least one good skill that makes them stand out in HS.
Does not expect to be drafted at this present time.
Can play at the next level but needs to develop multiple areas further.
Follow These are players who our staff has seen, and flashed some potential in a given area, but we did not see enough to warrant a full grade at that time. These players have been marked to follow back up on at an event in the future.