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Cancelation, Refund, and Weather Policy

A Note from Prospect Wire

Travel baseball is infamous for inclement weather, rain delays, and rain outs. Prospect Wire, nor any of it’s partners or venues, are responsible for inclement weather. As much as we all wish we could control the weather, it plays a major role in amateur baseball and it’s role is typically a negative one.

Nobody wants to see an event canceled, delayed, or suspended. We at Prospect Wire look forward to our events probably moreso then the players themselves do. Nothing pains us more then sending players to their cars for safety, watching baseball diamonds puddle up, having to tweak tournament format, or having to name co-champions because of a weather issue.

Our job is to try and manage whatever conditions we face to the best of our abilities.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter how well we manage the situation - participants, coaches, and families may be upset at delays, or a perceived lack of communication. Patience is all we can preach during rain delays. It’s a part of baseball.

Our first and number one priority is player safety. Extremely slick fields, low visibility, and wet baseballs may cause games to be delayed, suspended or canceled. Please remain patient as we do our best to resume play under safe conditions for the players.

Aside from that, Prospect Wire is just one of a three-pronged decision making body that includes: Prospect Wire, the chief umpire, and the head groundskeeper. All three must be in agreement on decisions to suspend, cancel, or continue a game. Typically, we at Prospect Wire will go along with whatever decision the umpires and grounds-crew agree on.

Although the sun may be out, a field may be deemed unplayable by the grounds-crew - who may not want the wet grass to get torn up from game activity. In this situation, we at Prospect Wire must obey the wishes of the venue operator that we rent from - who many times is the caretaker of and operates a major league baseball or collegiate baseball venue worth millions of dollars.

Sometimes, the grounds-crew may be indifferent, but the umpires may determine that lightning is too close to the vicinity and the games can not continue until lightning is cleared.

The bottom line is there are a lot of things that go into a decision to cancel, suspend, or resume a game. We ask for your patience as we move to get the games in under safe circumstances.

Refund Policy

It is important to understand that Prospect Wire, just like other tournament hosts, incur many expenses rain or shine.

Prospect Wire will make every effort within reason to get every activity of an event and game completed at any given event. Coaches, players and parents are also expected to make every effort to show patience and participate in the entirety of an event. In states like Florida, it is safe to assume that at least one day of baseball may be rained out at any given event - especially in the summer - and parents and coaches should budget and plan accordingly. Prospect Wire is not responsible for lack of performance due to acts of God, severe weather, etc.

Things such as venues, baseballs, banners, insurance, scout booklets, and staffing leading up to the event are all paid upfront. Staffing during the event, including umpires, scorekeepers, scouts and general staff are paid rain or shine for their travel expenses and time spent at an event.

As such, Prospect Wire can not pro-rate entry fees to attend events nor roll them over to future events once a team has made a commitment to participate in an event. The only way Prospect Wire can refund an entry fee is if an event is canceled entirely by Prospect Wire prior to the event. Prospect Wire can roll entry fees over to another event if a team is able to take the field and begin play at an event but unable to complete at least one game due to constant rain and multiple days of cancellations.

Prospect Wire reserves the right to adjust game guarantees, tournament format, schedule, and structure once inclement weather effects the timing of an event as Prospect Wire deems necessary..

For example, Prospect Wire may deem it necessary to reduce a 5-game minimum to a 4-game minimum in the event of rain or other acts of God. Prospect Wire may also deem it necessary due to weather to shorten the number of qualifying teams to the playoff round of an event in order to shorten an event or prevent a team from playing an unreasonable and unsafe amount of games in any given day.

Activities such as combines, workouts, batting practice, 60 yard dashes, and infield/outfield may be the first things to be canceled in the event of bad weather. Prospect Wire views the actual tournament games to be held as the most important part of an event and will cancel auxillary activites in order to use field space to make up canceled games.